September 2012

September 6 – 29

First Thursday Artwalk Opening: September  6th, 6-8 p.m.
Artists’ Reception: Saturday, September 8, 5-8 p.m.

Main Gallery:

Digest This: Shu-Ju Wang, Diane Jacobs

Using imagery of food and implements of consumption as allegories, Diane Jacobs and Shu_Ju Wang present an exhibition that is the perfect balanced diet:  a collection of two- and three-dimensional pieces that explore ideas ranging from personal myth-making to political and social ills.

Small Gallery:

The Artist’s Studio: Maylee Noah

Artists are an eclectic bunch. They work in a myriad of environments designed by fate or compulsion to allow their creative impulses to find a tangible state. Each artist discovers their own way to balance the need for expression with the physical constraints of circumstance. Developing a distinct style of work parallels the evolution a unique environment for working. Maylee Noah’s photographs explore the artist’s studio, sampling bits of emerging art amid brushes, palettes, keepsakes, and clutter.