Apply to Gallery 110:

Gallery 110 is an artist run gallery which supports emerging artists. The gallery is dedicated to the presentation of high quality and challenging visual art and to the development and promotion of artists’ careers. Collectively, members share in the work of the gallery and have the opportunity to build on or share their skills in marketing, arts event coordination, as well as exhibition development, management, and installation.  Artists not local to the Seattle area are welcome.

Gallery Membership includes:

  • Opportunity to work with an experienced gallery director.
  • Opportunity to exhibit and sell your work.
  • Sales commission of 70% to artist.
  • The display of your work on our website.
  • Personal gallery book with examples of your work in the gallery.
  • Networking opportunities for developing relationships with other emerging and professional artists.
  • Opportunities to curate shows and exhibit work in group and solo shows in the gallery and to develop exhibitions for venues outside the gallery.
  • Opportunities to participate in public programming, artist talks, and public events.

Members propose and develop exhibitions for the gallery as well in other outside opportunities. We occasionally show work by non-member artists who are invited in as a part of a curated exhibition or who have developed an exhibition that includes our members. The exhibition schedule evolves from members readiness to show rather than a fixed formula allocating time to each member. The membership functions as a team  promoting each other’s work and creating cultivating opportunities. Our dues, fees, and fundraising efforts cover our basic operating expenses and allow us to pass a large portion of income from sales back to the artist. All members are expected to participate in the work of running the gallery through committee and task assignments. Hours required vary and generally do not involve staffing the gallery during business hours.

Membership Requirements:

  • One year commitment.
  • Staff the gallery on Saturdays when you have work showing in the gallery. Staffing is divided among all artists showing that month and substitutes are allowed.
  • Participation in the work of running the gallery via committee or task assignments and attendance at gallery events and meetings.
  • Monthly dues of $80. Members may choose to pay $110 per month and not participate in committee or task assignments.
  • Payment of exhibition fees when you have work showing in the gallery. Fees cover rent and publicity and are split among all artists showing that month.

Application Procedure:

To apply for membership, please send us the following:

  • Artist Resume
  • Artists Statement
  • 8-16 images of your work and information about each piece.
  • Information about why you would like to be a member and how you could contribute to the gallery.

You may submit these materials via email. Please read the instruction below and follow them exactly. Email subject lines and image file names are very important.

Compose an email to with the words “MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION”, followed by your name, in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email tell us why you would like to join Gallery 110 and how you can contribute to gallery operations. Attach PDF or DOC files containing your resume, artist statement and image description list. Please include the title, medium, size, date the work was completed, and any other useful information for each image. Number each image description to correspond with the filenames for the jpegs requested below.

Email jpegs to with the words “MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION”, followed by your name, in the subject line of the email. Attach as many jpegs in one email as you would like. It is okay to send more than one email containing jpegs. Name your files with numbers corresponding to your image list and your last name. For example: 01_your last name.jpg. All images should be jpg format, medium quality, 72 ppi, and 1200 pixels in the largest dimension.


Email or call 206-624-9336,
Hours: noon-5pm, W-S.